Fan Reviews

We’re saving this space for fan reviews.  If you have a review of a Dupree’s Diamond’s gig, and would like to see it published here, please post it to the Comments below.

4 thoughts on “Fan Reviews”

    1. Absolutely… We not only allow… we encourage it.
      if you get a good recording please share with us. thanks

      1. That’s great, I’m going to try to record this Saturday, as long as its ok with you guys, I don’t have a recorder so I’d have my computer and a soundboard to run the mics, so a little big. Let me know if that’s still ok with you, I don’t want to be a disruption.

        Thank you

        1. Hey Cam, Great to see you at DSO last week. Unfortunately Luscioso’s cancelled our June 1st show to host a Bruins Playoff party. But any time you want to record, with whatever equipment you want to haul in and out, is fine with me…. as long as I get a copy after 😛

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