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Dupree’s Diamonds
We are a Grateful Dead tribute band that does more than play the music (songs) of this iconic band.  We embrace the spirit of the band’s unpredictability and lasting ability to keep the songs fresh and vibrant.  No two shows are the same and no songs repeated are identical to the last time played.  We have very talented players, each taking a part for the members of the band, and we embrace the hippie jazz genre “Jamband” to it’s pinnacle; inspiring dance and fun for our audience.

Dan Sullivan – Guitar/Vocals
     My two favorite things in the universe are playing and singing Grateful Dead songs…and jamming. My three favorite things are playing and singing Grateful Dead songs, and jamming…and listening to live Dead recordings. My four favorite things are playing and singing Grateful Dead songs, jamming, and listening to live Dead recordings…and well, you get the idea.
I have been playing guitar since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and finally formed Intrepid Groove with Joe Corey many years ago. Together with a continuous stream of drummers and female vocalists, the Groove was an ongoing, ever-evolving good-time jamband that lasted, in various incarnations, for a good long time. Later, I joined Joe Pennacchio in forming Laughing Water, a Dead tribute that also had a pretty good run. My most recent musical endeavor was as a member of Fennario, another Dead tribute that continues today. There have been a few shorter-lived projects along the way, but none worth mentioning here.
I enjoy playing the rhythm guitar parts of the Dead’s music because it is challenging to try and fit in between the lead guitar and the bass. I don’t try to sound like Bob Weir or copy his parts note-for-note, but I do try to capture the feel of what Bob does. I have tremendous respect for Mr. Weir, and that respect has grown since I have tried to learn his music.
If you want to know more, I guess you will have to come to a show. I hope to see you there!

Patrick Schiller – Keyboards/Vocals
Played a toy piano under the nom de plume “Schroeder” before joining and playing in several Jambands.  He exceeds expectations and really opens up while Lucy Van Pelt leans on his keyboard and gazes at him lovingly.  Occasionally a beagle will dance on his keyboards too.





Joe Corey – Bass
     It could have been have the white lead paint, or maybe it was 10-27-79, maybe it was the cowbell, but I’ve had a hankerin’ to play Dead music for a long time. Whether I’m playing bass or guitar, there’s a lot of fun to be had playing the classic canon of the good ole’ Grateful Dead, especially with this merry band.


Dupree’s Die-Hards:

Jamie Averill – Drums
     I started playing drums when I was 12. I got my first kit from a music store that used to be in Brockton, MA.  I took lessons for about 3 years in Bridgewater but then I got distracted by females.
I didn’t pick the drums back up until I was about 30 and started to jam with a few guys in a rehearsal studio in Rockland, MA.  We got to do a couple of gigs but the band fell apart.
My first time playing a paying gig was in 1995 with a classic rock band called 2 Steps Over the Moon down in Hull.  We opened up for Draw the Line, a regional Aerosmith cover band. That same year, while I was working in a hardware store in Pembroke, MA, I was introduced to Dave Litchfield and David Haletky of the Red, White and Blues Band.  We jammed together for a few months and started playing out.  We have 3 CDs of original music and still do a lot of parties and events.
In 2009 I started to jam with The Wilbas, a bluegrass/blues/folk rock band. We have been playing at Bluegrass on the Bogs, Soule Homestead Festival, South Shore Arts Festival and parties.
In 2010 I was asked to play drums with a few guys who wanted to play some Grateful Dead music so I started to jam with them and learned a bunch of “Dead” songs I never heard before.  One of the guys I met was Steve Day. After about a year this group of guys disbanded and I was asked to jam over at Joe’s house to continue the “Dead” band.
This is where the lineup of today became Dupree’s Diamonds.
I am a Leo.
Turn off…People who drive like jerks and risk other people’s lives on the roads.
Turn on…The wonders of nature, scenic beauty.

My kit consists of a 7pc. Pearl ELX, Evans heads, Zildjian & Sabian cymbals.

Joe Pennacchio – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Joe P

“We live for the jam, we die for the jam”
I have been surrounded by music and felt its calling since I was a small boy.  My Mother played piano, my sisters both were part of the 60s generation and I managed to raid their fine collection of vinyl (yes vinyl) for many years before starting my own collection of bands; primarily of the Woodstock era. I was a big Beatles fan until my teens when I got a good headful of Hendrix, Alvin Lee, The Who, and Zeppelin (drool)… I wanted to play guitar like Jimmy Page, Hendrix, Alvin Lee, etc. I had taken organ lessons and had a fairly decent knowledge of basic music theory when I bought my first “cheap” learning guitar at Lechmere.  I taught myself at first, gradually as I got better the guitars did too.
The neighborhood kids I was hanging with and partying with had given me exposure to bands like The Doors, The Allman Brothers, The Band, Little Feat and more. I got my first real exposure to the Grateful Dead when my good friend Bill Cordani had gone to see them at Boston Garden in 1977.  This peaked my interest. Someone we knew had a small tape collection and so I was able to get a few live shows. I attended my first live show of over 100 in 1979 and the rest is inevitable.
I started to play and sing Garcia and loved the experimentation and freedom it symbolized.  Each band I played in did a few Dead songs amongst the rest of the classic rock repertoire. Eventually the scales shifted to a few classic rock songs in the Dead repertoire. The first to really take on the challenge was Delilah Jones. This is when I met Steve Day who was a salesman at Tweeter where I bought a car stereo.
In 1996 my friend and touring buddy, Dan Sullivan and I, along with John Reddie, Matt Deveney, and Mike Toner formed the band “Laughing Water”.  This was the first “All Dead” Tribute band.  No covers unless the Dead did them. This band had the best commercial success.  We played from Maine to Rhode Island, festivals and colleges; but primarily in the Boston circuit. We had a very good run, but all things must pass and so did this.
After Laughing Water, I took a break from working bands.  Several years later Joe Dirusso and I formed “Lightning Will” and played a variety of jam band material from The Dead, Phish, Zappa, Allmans, Govt. Mule and more. It was during this phase that I was introduced to Neal Simmons.  He sat in on a few jams when our bass player was unable to play.
Around this time Steve had mentioned a group that he was playing with and that it was falling apart.  Amongst them was drummer Jamie Averill. So Steve, Jamie and I formed “Dupree’s Diamonds”.  Soon after Neal Simmons was asked to take the bassist position. After Neal’s and Steve’s schedule got too busy, Joe Corey slid into the Bass spot and Dan and Kate soon followed, but unfortunately Kate’s schedule got to be too demanding and Patrick Schiller came onboard to make the band that we are today.  Each show we get better at playing off each other and the jams just keep getting freakier.

 My Main Equipment:

  • Fender Twin Reverb (tube amp) bought new in 1987
  • Fender Stage Deluxe (tube amp) backup
  • D Irwin Guitars/Tom Lieber “Garcia” (aka “Tiger”)
  • Phred Guitars “The Wolph” – (Back up)
  • Fender Stratocaster – American – (Back up)
  • Charvell Model 6 – 6-String Electric – was main guitar for 25 years – Now back up
  • Takamine 6 String Acoustic (for those sets)
  • Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron Envelope Controlled Filter
  • Boss Overdrive/Distortion Pedal
  • Boss Digital Delay DD-3 Pedal
  • Boss RT-20 Rotary Sound Processor
  • Boss BE-5 Guitar Multi-Effects
  • Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal

Other Instruments not used in Dupree’s Diamonds:

  • 88-Weighted Key Casio Electric Piano
  • Guild 12-String Acoustic
  • Deering 5-String Banjo
  • Epiphone Mandolin
  • Tivoli Violin
  • Guild Ukulele
  • Egyptian Oud
  • Kazoo

Dupree’s Part-time Jammer and fill-ins

Joe Hacking – Percussion
Joe DiRusso – Guitar/Vocals
Dave Saraiva – Drums
Leo Giovanoni – Drums
Brendan Mitchell – Guitar
Dan Crea – Bass
Caroline Killoh – Keyboards/Vocals
Eric Costa – Keyboards/Vocals
Bill Cordaro – Guitar/Vocals
Scott Kepnes – Harmonica
Matt Smith – Keyboards


These are previous band mates who still show up to jam from time to time or if we need a fill-in at a show.

Kate Kibbey – Keyboards/Vocals

I’ve been playing piano since I was 4 years old, and I won’t tell you how many years ago that was.  I took 13 years of classical lessons privately and at the South Shore conservatory overlapped with 3 years of jazz and improv lessons, also at the SSC.  Whenever my parents help me load my gear or see the amount loaded up in my van, they ask, “why I don’t play the flute?”  I remind them that they are the ones who signed me up for lessons… and the rest is history.  I began really getting into playing keyboards in 8th grade, when I realized I could learn more than Bach and Mozart.  At that point, The Doors, Van Halen, and Aerosmith became my focus for songs I learned.  In High School, I joined Jazz Band.. what happens in Jazz Band stays in Jazz Band (if you were ever in a high school jazz band, you catch my drift).  Jazz Band helped me become in love with jazz and the blues.  Also, it was during high school that I started listening to more classic rock and considered myself a deadhead.  I’ve gone through phases of which Grateful Dead keyboardist I’d like to listen to, and now I like to mix it up and really think of the different styles when playing GD.  In the past, I’ve opened or shared stages with acts such as Psychedelic Breakfast, Ryan Montbleau, Scott Murawski and Friends (Scott from Max Creek and Mike Gordon Band), members of The Band and Primus, and Tom Constanten (former GD keyboardist).  Right now, my life is full and rewarding with my family, my work in education, and music.  Hope to see you at a show soon- come say hi!

Steve Day – Guitar/Vocals
     Steve got his start in show business as a child actor performing under the stage name of Reuben Kincaid. His first major TV role came when he played the illegitimate son of Isaac the Bartender on The Love Boat. When his character was killed off by Captain Stubing in a bizarre gardening accident, he turned his attention to music and mastered the complexities of the kazoo. After a world tour with ELO in the early 80’s ended, he left the group and decided to pursue the guitar as his new instrument of choice, playing skiffle on the street corners and subway stations of Hamburg for many years. He returned to the States and moved to Boston where he sold Joe Pennacchio a stolen car stereo in 1991 and formed Delilah Jones with him. After he was kicked out of the band due to an ongoing struggle with caffeine addiction, Steve cleaned up and played the street corners and subway stations of Liverpool for many years until he and Joe reunited to form Dupree’s Diamonds in 2011 with Jamie and eventually Neal. In addition to playing in the band, Steve is working on a script in an effort to bring the story of the Blizzard of ’78 to Broadway. He resides with his first wife on the South Shore.

Neal Simmons – Bass/Vocals
I played ukulele, piano and violin as a small child.  My brother bought me my first electric guitar in 3rd grade–It was a single pick-up Teisco Del Ray. In 7th grade I bought a ’61 Les Paul SG that was hot for 265.00 It was possibly stolen from a Clapton concert? I sold it 2 years later for 225.00 to buy an antique Bausch and Lomb Microscope to impress my uncle.  It didn’t work.
I’ve played Country music as a bass player, guitar player and steel guitar wanna-be for a while until I sold it due to the incessant insults by my older brother who is actually a very good steel player. I’ve played rock and roll in various bands in Chicago as well as Cleveland ( DO NOT MOVE THERE!!!) and in Boston later meeting several lovers of the Grateful Dead. I currently play very loud bass with Joe Pennacchio who is truly a freak of nature. I can’t help it. Not Joe. Vibrating the chest cavity is my way of saluting Phil Lesh, one of my heroes. Another hero is Ike Sewell, the inventor of the Uno Pan Pizza.

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