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Members (L-R) – Patrick Tansey (Bass/Vocals), Dave Saraiva (Drums), Patrick Schiller (Keyboards/Vocals), Joe Pennacchio (Guitar/Vocals), Joe DiRusso (Guitar/Vocals)
Jazz Oddity Barn

Jazz Oddity is a creation spawned by the necessity to keep jamming when the rest of the band had other commitments.  Three separate occasions this summer I was asked to bring Dupree’s Diamonds to an event and for various (valid) reasons the whole band could not commit. Normally if one player is unavailable, we have a few subs to come in and cover drums, bass, etc. for a night; but if 2 or more players are away, there’s no Dupree’s Diamonds.  So, in an effort to keep a few cool opportunities this summer, I concocted the idea of “Jazz Oddity”.  I called on my good friends, and ex-“Lightning Will” band mates, Joe DiRusso (Guitar/Vocals) and Dave Saraiva (Drums) to play together again.  We have had a myriad of other accomplices throughout our vast 3 show career (so far) including Joe Hacking (percussion), Joe Corey (Bass), Gerry Watts (Bass/Vocals), Jay Brown (Percussion), Dan Sullivan (Bass/Vocals), Kate Kibbey (Keyboards/Vocals). Now with Patrick Tansey on Bass & Vocals and Patrick Schiller on Keyboards & Vocals, we are complete and the sky is the limit for future song selection and jam potential.

The concept… the goal is not to play a bunch of songs and jam, but to play a bunch of jams with some songs in the middle.

The repertoire is heavy into the Grateful Dead/Phish universe (duh… what would you expect), but also delving into other classic and jamband songs from, The Allman Brothers, The Beatles, CSNY, Pink Floyd, Gov’t Mule, Zappa, and tons of other stuff to feed the musical mind.
After our first few shows, we decided that Jazz Oddity should live on in a limited capacity along with our other musical projects.  So watch for us on Facebook and here on this page for the next time we are playing.





Live at Lucioso’s Pub 7/26/2014

At Bill’s Gathering of the Tribes 7/4/2014



The Alberti Hurdy-Gurdy – August 9, 2014

(L-R) Dan Sullivan, Dave Saraiva, Joe Pennacchio, Joe DiRusso, Jay Brown, Kate Kibbey

Jazz Oddity Setlists:

Sorted by Most Recent Shows First

03-05-16 (Sat) Bill’s Barn, Lakeville, MA.
Set 1: Good To Be King, Gumbo, Runnin’ Blues, First Tube, Chemical Party, I’m The Slime, The Way You’re Looking, Roses Are Free, Strawberry Fields Forever > Twist, Ya Mar
Set 2: No Quarter, Harry Hood, Maggie M’Gill > West LA. Fadeaway, Sand > Folsom Prison
Set 3: Stash, Rosalee, Boogie On Reggae Woman > Crossroads
Comments: Bill Cordaro Guest Vocals on “Boogie On Reggae Woman”

10-24-15 (Sat) Bill’s Barn, Lakeville, MA.
Set 1: Woodstock, Rosalee, Hey Bulldog, Runaway Jim, Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ > Crossroads, Nellie Kane
Set 2: One of These Days > Brain Damage > Eclipse, Sand, Highway Star, Runnin’ Blues, Spooky, Carini, I’m The Slime
Set 3: West LA. Fadeaway, Harry Hood, Watching the Grass Grow, Down With Disease, Spanish Moon, Ya Mar, Yearnin’

07-04-15 (Sat) Gonzo Independence Fest – Lakeville, MA
Set 1: Sand, It’s Good To Be King, U.S. Blues, Rosalee, Watching the Grass Grow, Shakedown Street, Birds of a Feather, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Runaway Jim
Comments: Bill’s “Gonzo Independence Fest”; Bill Cordaro guest vocals on “Boogie On Reggae Woman”; Also “Viper”, “National Anthem”, “The IRA Mudslide”, Garry Coole, “All-Star Jam”

05-23-15 (Sat) Winter’s Gonzo Fest – Lakeville, MA
Set 1: Rosalee, Runaway Jim > Mountain Jam > Runaway Jim > Shakedown Street > West L.A. Fadeaway, I’m the Slime, Boogie On Reggae Woman   E: Harry Hood
Comments: Bill’s “Winter’s Gonzo Fest 2015”; Bill Cordaro guest vocals on “Boogie On Reggae Woman”; Also “Viper”, “Josh Beetler”, “Huxsterband”, “The IRA Mudslide”, “Doc Ellis”, “All-Star Jam”

12/06/14 (Sat)  All Seasons – Halifax, MA
Set 1: Woodstock, Nellie Kane, West L.A. Fadeaway, Good to be King, Mountain Jam, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, Same Thing, Ramble On Rose, Birds of a Feather
Set 2: Crossroads, Folsom Prison, Gumbo, Spanish Moon, I Don’t Need No Doctor, Come Together > Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys > Shakedown Street > Sand > First Tube         E: Bertha, Sample in a Jar
Comments: (First Show at a club and with this line-up) (Soundcheck “Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad”)
Lineup: Patrick Tansey – Bass/Vocals, Joe DiRusso – Guitar/Vocals, Joe Pennacchio – Guitar/Vocals, Patrick Schiller – Keyboards/Vocals, Dave Saraiva – Drums

07/26/14 (Sat)  Lucioso’s Pub – Plymouth, MA
Set 1: U.S. Blues, They Love Each Other, Folsom Prison Blues, Tennessee Jed, Ramble On Rose, Woodstock > Chinacat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
Set 2: Space > Come Together > Shakedown Street > The Wheel > Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad > Turn On Your Lovelight
Comments: Dupree’s Diamonds with The Jazz Oddity Experience (JOE); 4 Joes in one night
Lineup: Joe Corey – Bass, Joe Hacking – Percussion (Djembe), Joe DiRusso – Guitar/Vocals, Joe Pennacchio – Guitar/Vocals, Kate Kibbey – Keyboards/Vocals, Dave Saraiva – Drums

07-04-14 (Sat) Alberti Hurdy-Gurdy – Plympton, MA
Set 1: Spacey Jam >  Shakedown Street > Other One > Mountain Jam > Cassidy > Eyes of the World > Mountain Jam > Eyes of the World > Cassidy > Hard To Handle > Dark Star > Other One > Dark Star Jam > Chinacat Sunflower > Tomorrow Never Knows > Shakedown Street   E: And We Bid You Goodnight
Comments: Non-Stop 90 Minute Set: Also with Ryan Quinn, The Keepers, Jeff Hilliard, Tully Cummings, Daniel Byrnes Band
Lineup: Dan Sullivan – Bass/Vocals, Jay Brown – Percussion, Joe DiRusso – Guitar/Vocals, Joe Pennacchio – Guitar/Vocals, Kate Kibbey – Keyboards/Vocals, Dave Saraiva – Drums

07/04/14 (Sat)  Bill’s Barn – Lakeville, MA
Set 1: Tennessee Jed, Big River, Yarmouth Road, Chinacat Sunflower > Jazzy Jam > Shakedown Street > Spacey Jam > Cassidy > Mountain Jam
Set 2: The Wheel > “Falling Rain” Jam > Sunshine Superman > Jam > Come Together > I Need a Miracle > Silvio  E: U.S. Blues
Comments: Bill’s “Gathering of the Tribes” event forced inside by Hurricane Arthur; First Show as “Jazz Oddity”
Lineup: Joe DiRusso – Guitar/Vocals, Joe Pennacchio – Guitar/Vocals, Dave Saraiva – Drums, Gerry Watts – Bass/Vocals

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  1. Nice to see the tradition being carried on even when it requires a band with interchangeable parts… congrats to you all. Shoutouts to Gerry Watts and Dan Sullivan for being involved, great to see.

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