Joe P. Solo Acoustic

Joe Pennacchio’s Solo Acoustic shows 

I will be playing some solo shows for those of you in the area who would like to see me play a mixture of Jamband songs and other classic Rock and Folk selections.  I plan to have friends come up and support as often as possible to expand the possibilities and increase variety.

Shows at

The Red Rose Café
Address: 800 Broad Street (Jackson Square)
East Weymouth, MA 02189
Phone: (781) 337-3322

(new dates for 2017)

With 2 exceptions**, I will be at the Red Rose on the first Saturday of the month from February to June of 2017 and then September to December after their summer entertainment hiatus.

Next Shows:
Saturday, April 1, 2017 (April Fool’s day)
Saturday, May 6, 2017
Saturday, June 3, 2017
Saturday, September 9, 2017**
Saturday, October 14, 2017**
Saturday, November 4, 2017
Saturday, December 2, 2017

Check out my original song demos

Recent Setlists:

03-04-17 (Sat) Red Rose Cafe, East Weymouth, MA
Set 1: Box of Rain, Mississippi Half-Step, Ophelia, Strawberry Fields, Not For a Minute (orig.), Uncle John’s Band, Love Street, Long Black Veil, Chinacat Sunflower > Ripple, Wait, Knots (orig.), Farewell Angelina, Russian Lullaby, Sally Simpson
Set 2: Nowhere Man, Thank You, Terrapin, Minglewood, Shine My Way (orig.), Ramble On Rose, , Dire Wolf, Althea, Green River, Folsom Prison Blues, Squeeze Box, Rocky Raccoon, For You Blues, Brain Damage/Eclipse
Set 3: Loser, U.S. Blues, Sunshine
Comments: Jimbo Williamson – Percussion; Paul Kirsch – Bass/Vocals; Ken Keller – Percussion/Vocals on “Nowhere Man”

02-04-17 (Sat) Red Rose Cafe, East Weymouth, MA
Set 1: Sunshine, Jack-A-Roe, Don’t Think Twice, Ramble On Rose, Carnival (orig.), Rocky Racoon, Give Me Love, Terrapin, Love Street, Bike, Not For a Minute (orig.), Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard, Lindy, Story in Your Eyes, Strawberry Fields, Knots (orig.), Stuck in the Middle With You, With a Little Help From My Friends, If I Only Had a Brain, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
Set 2: Folsom Prison Blues, Maggie M’Gill, Skating Away, Shine My Way (orig.), Deal, All You Need Is Love, Friend of the Devil, I’ll Fly Away, Cut My Hair, Minglewood, Needle and Thread (orig.), Loser, Love the One You’re With, It Makes No Difference, I’ve Just Seen a Face, Ophelia, Ripple, Oh Sister, Yearnin’ E: Brokedown Palace
Comments: Jimbo Williamson on Percussion; Joe Wessling on Bass and Vocals

05-21-16 (Sat) Red Rose Café, Weymouth, MA
Set 1: Me and Bobby McGee, What Am I Doing Hanging ‘Round?, Paint It Black, One More Cup of Coffee, Ramble On Rose, Mother, Space Oddity, Squeeze Box, Carnival, Maggie M’Gill, Dixie Chicken, Rocky Raccoon, Lodi, Sugar Magnolia, You Win Again, Sally Simpson, You Win Again, Shaman’s Blues, Big River
Set 2: Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon, Helpless, She’s Not You, Rikki Don’t Loose That Number, Story in Your Eyes, Octopus’s Garden, It Makes No Difference, Strawberry Fields, Tree Hugger, Spanish Moon, If I Only Had a Brain > Brain Damage/Eclipse, Friend of the Devil, Stuck in the Middle With You, The Way You’re Looking, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Magic Carpet Ride, Thank You, Franklin’s Tower   E: Ripple
Guests: Jason Brown – Percussion; Joe Wessling – Bass/Vocals (set 2); Ken Keller – Vocals on “She’s Not You”

03-19-16 (Sat) Red Rose Café, Weymouth, MA
Set 1: Sunshine, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out, Blue Red and Grey, Love the One You’re With, Ramble On Rose, Old Folks Boogie, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Friend of the Devil, Maggie M’Gill, Mighty Quinn, Uncle John’s Band, Octopus’s Garden, Pebble in Your Shoe, Big Railroad Blues, Positively 4th Street, Loser, The Way You’re Looking, Ripple
Set 2: For You Blues, Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard, Shaman’s Blues, Sunshine Superman, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window, Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon, Taxman, What Am I Doing Hanging Round?, Whiskey in a Jar, Lay Down Sally, Tree Hugger, Space Oddity, Squeeze Box, Strawberry Fields, Franklin’s Tower > Feelin’ Alright
set 3: Folsom Prison Blues, C.C. Rider, Sugar Magnolia, Mother’s Little Helper, Loose Lucy, Dancing in the Streets > U.S. Blues E: I Know You Rider
Guests: Jay Brown – Percussion

02-27-16 (Sat) Red Rose Café, Weymouth, MA
Set 1: Sunshine, I Never Cry, Mexican Blackbird, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out, Carnival, Maggie M’Gill, Uncle John’s Band, Octopus’s Garden, Almost Cut My Hair, Space Oddity, Deal, Positive Vibration, Ring of Fire, Hound Dog, Skating away, Cry Baby Cry, Strawberry Fields, Love the One You’re With, Yearnin’, Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard
Set 2: The Weight, Dark Hollow, The Way You’re Looking, Cassidy, I Know You Rider, I Am the Walrus, Watching the Grass Grow, Goin’ Mobile, Werewolves of London, C.C. Rider, Sally Simpson, Terrapin, I’m So Tired, Brain Damage/Eclipse, What Am I Doing Hanging Round?, Shaman’s Blues, Jack-A-Roe, Shanty, I’m Troubled, Lay Down Sally, Paint It Black  E: Ripple
Guests: Joe Hacking – Percussion

01-16-16 (Sat) Red Rose Café, Weymouth, MA
Set 1: Don’t Think Twice, Black Magic Woman, Loser, Big River, Carnival (original), Across the Universe, Green River, Sugar Magnolia, Thank You, I am the Walrus, The Way You’re Looking (original), U.S. Blues, Feelin’ Alright > Franklin’s Tower, Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon, Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, Folsom Prison Blues
Set 2: Sunshine, Terrapin, Strawberry Fields Forever, Tree Hugger (original), Space Oddity, Shaman’s Blues, Sally Simpson, Paint It Black, Skating Away. Thick as a Brick (edit 1), Katie Mae, Thick as a Brick (edit 2), Long Gone Blues (original), Ripple, Shanty, Maggie M’Gill, Mr. Spaceman, Love The One You’re With, Cover of the Rolling Stone, Late in the Evening, I’ve Just Seen a Face, Dear Prudence, Lindy  E: Goin’ Mobile
Guests: Jay Brown – Percussion/Vocals; Johnny “Red Dog” – Harmonica (“Katie Mae” & “Shanty”)

11-28-15 (Sat) Red Rose Café, Weymouth, MA
Set 1:
Sunshine, Big Railroad Blues, I Never Cry, Lodi, Althea, Late in the Evening, Shaman’s Blues, Give Me Love, Positive Vibration (orig.), Big River, Ramble On Rose, Lay Down Sally**, Mr. Spaceman**, Story in Your Eyes**, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out**, Gimme Three Steps**, Goin’ Mobile**, Skating Away**, Brain Damage/Eclipse**, I’ll Fly Away***, Friend of the Devil***
Set 2: Black Magic Woman, Mother Goose, Space Oddity, Squeeze Box, I’ve Just Seen a Face, Willin’, Catfish John, Stealin’, Up on Cripple Creek, For You Blues, Black Friday, Dark Hollow, Monkey and the Engineer, Folsom Prison Blues, Spanish Moon, Old Home Place, Walking the Dog, I Shall Be Released E: Ripple
Guests: In Set 1, Joe Wessling – Bass/Vocals**; Rob Dragunas – Mandolin/Vocals***; In addition, Joe played all of set 2; Rob played all of set 2 starting with “Squeeze Box”

07-12-15 (Sun) New England Grass Roots Institute, Quincy, MA
Set 1: Jack Straw, Catfish John, On the Road Again, It Must Have Been The Roses, Row Jimmy, Scarlet Begonias, Women Are Smarter, Playing in the Band, Birdsong
Set 2: Trouble, Harder They Come, Cumberland Blues, Old Folks Boogie, Touch of Grey, Let It Grow, Terrapin
Set 3: Burn One Down, Passing Moments, Willin’, Spanish Moon, Me and Bobby McGee, Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon, Rocky Raccoon  E: Ripple
Comments: Birthday Party for Ellen Brown, Simone Alexia, and Patti Bertucci; Setlist order from memory

04-25-15 (Sat) Red Rose Café, Weymouth, MA
Set 1: Shanty, Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard, Rosalee McFall, Uncle John’s Band, Almost Cut My Hair, Broken in Two (orig.), Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out, Blue, Red and Grey, Monkey and the Engineer, It Makes No Difference, Ophelia, Shaman’s Blues, Trouble, Sunshine, Carnival (orig.), Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, Deal
Set 2: I’ll Fly Away, Friend of the Devil, Story in Your Eyes, Skating Away, Gimme Three Steps, I’ve Just Seen A Face, Life in General (orig.), Stuck In the Middle with You, Homeward Bound, Sunny Afternoon, Cover of The Rolling Stone, Up On Cripple Creek, Brain Damage/Eclipse, Taxman
Set 3: Cassidy*, Dead Flowers*, Already Gone*, Eyes of the World*, Spanish Moon***, Green River***, Born on the Bayou***, U.S. Blues***, Folsom Prison Blues***, Love the One You’re With**, Yearnin’ (orig.)**, Whipping Post** (1)  E: Sugar Magnolia**, Magic Carpet Ride**, Us and Them**
Comments: Special Guests Joe Wessling – Bass/Vocals and Joe Folan – Guitar/Vocals, All of Set 2 with Joe Wessling, Set 3 lineup: Joe Folan*, Joe Wessling**, Three Joes*** ,(1) “Whipping Post” because the audience wouldn’t take “no” for an answer

03-21-15 (Sat) Red Rose Café, Weymouth, MA
Set 1: Sunshine, Slip Sliding Away, I’ve Just Seen a Face, Old Man (1), I Never Cry, Lodi, Give Me Love, Peanut Butter Song (2), Whiskey in the Jar, We Can Work it Out, Wishful Sinful, Uncle John’s Band, Watching the Grass Grow (2), Love the One You’re With, I’ll Fly Away, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” discussion, Angel Band, Late in the Evening
Set 2: Run For Your Life, Looking Out Your Backdoor, Squeeze Box, Friend of the Devil, Green River, For You Blues, What Am I Doing Hanging Round, World Piece (2), Lay Down Sally, Eyes of the World, All Along the Watchtower, Mr. Spaceman, Tush, The Boxer*, Me and Bobby McGee*, Terrapin*
Set 3: Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out, Going Mobile, Folsom Prison Blues, Cold Rain and Snow, Franklin’s Tower, Maggie’s Farm   E: Leaving on a Jet Plane (3)
Comments: Set 2 and 3 with Bob Musgrove on Bass except *, (1) Broke a string, (2) Originals, (3) Audience participation/sing along request

03-15-15 (Sat) New England Grass Roots Institute, Quincy, MA
Set 1: Ripple, High Time, Monkey and the Engineer, Big Railroad Blues, Terrapin, Cold Rain and Snow, Jack Straw, Franklin’s Tower, Burn One Down, Little Sadie, Stagger Lee, Eyes of the World, Ramble On Rose, Watching the Grass Grow, Loose Lucy, Rosalee McFall, Scarlet Begonias   E: Brokedown Palace
Comments: Birthday Party for Melissa Fitzgerald; Setlist order from memory

02-22-15 (Sun) Red Rose Café, Weymouth, MA
Set 1: Big Railroad Blues, Searchin’, Nowhere Man, Late in the Evening, Lodi, Positive Vibration (1), Old Man, Wishful Sinful, I Never Cry, Mother Nature’s Son, Walking the Dog, Yearnin’ (1), Rocky Raccoon, Uncle John’s Band, We Can Work It Out, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out, Carnival (1), Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
Set 2: U.S. Blues, Sugar Magnolia, Dead Flowers (2), Easy Wind (2), Maggie’s Farm, Stella Blue,  For You Blues, Long Time Gone, Cut My Hair, Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad
Set 3: Let It Rock, Folsom Prison Blues, You Ain’t Going Nowhere (2), Green River > Born on the Bayou, Already Gone (2), I’m Gonna Buy Me a Dog > Sunshine Superman  E: Ripple
Comments:  (1) Original Song; Joined by Joe Folan – Guitar/Vocals in Set 2 and set 3; (2) Joe Folan Sings

10-29-14 (Sat) Mollie Maguire’s Pub, Weymouth, MA
Set 1: Big Railroad Blues, Son of a Sailor, Mother Nature’s Son, Isis, West L.A. Fadeaway, Carnival, Farewell Angelina, Lodi, Peeble in Your Shoe, Run For Your Life, Rocky Raccoon, Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, Dire Wolf, He’s Gone > Deep Elem Blues
Set 2: Almost Cut My Hair, For You Blues, Late in the Evening, Watching the Grass Grow, Slip Sliding Away, Trouble, Ramble On Rose, Wooden Ships, It Makes No Difference, World Piece, The Boxer   E: Long Black Veil, Ripple
Comments: (Joe Folan – Guitar/Vocals on “He’s Gone > Deep Elem Blues”) (Paul Kirsch – Bass/Vocals all of Set 2) (Encore Line-up: Steve Day – Guitar/Vocals, Joe Folan – Guitar, Joe Pennacchio – Mandolin/Vocals)

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